Essie (sentientcitizen) wrote,

Tonight, We Drink With Vampires

Last night, in a delayed celebration for surviving LAST term's exams, Luise, Gwenyth, and I sat down to eat Chinese takeout, drink, and watch the Twilight Saga. The entire Twilight Saga. Mozzie, Russ, Rupert, and Mr. E all spent a certain amount of time in the room mocking us, and I liveblogged everything that happened. They're low on coherence - see the above re "drink" - and they probably won't make a lot of sense if you havn't seen the movies, but I'm told they're somewhat amusing. Interested parties can read them here:

Liveblogging Twilight
Liveblogging New Moon
Liveblogging Eclipse
Liveblogging Breaking Dawn (pt 1)

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