Essie (sentientcitizen) wrote,

Kink Bingo

So I signed up for Kink Bingo in hopes that it would help break me out of this really annoying writer's block I've been experiencing for the last several months. Card under the cut, mostly for my own reference.

guroticklingbodily secretionsguns / bladesheld down
serviceuniforms / military kinkbloodplaybeggingsilk velvet feathers furs
whipping / floggingbreathplaywildcardshaving / depilationbondage (wrist / ankle restraints)
phonesex / epistolaryorgies / decadenceclass fantasiespicturesmedical kink
sensation playpossession / markingobediencesubspace / headspaceauthority figures

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Tags: challenge/event: kink bingo: 2012
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