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Oh look, Avengers. WELL THAT WAS AWESOME.

So sometimes I tell people I'm going to a midnight showing, and they look at me like I'm crazypants. Why would you stay up until three in the morning just to watch a movie twelve hours earlier than everyone else? The answer is, because only the crazy-excited fans stay up for the midnight showings, which means that the lineups are like little mini-conventions, full of people who are buzzed on adrenaline and lack of sleep and over-prices coffee from the concessions stand, and all of them just as nerdy as you are about the subject of the movie you're there to see. There are even costumes. Case in point:

The Albertan with a push-button LED light from Canadian Tire stuck under his shirt!

Sophia's glasses meshing poorly with Hawkeye's nomiker! (But you can bet your ass Russ made sure she was holding that wee bow corretly!)

Russ in a kickass Black Widow costume, brandishing a pistol re-used from my Malcolm Reynolds costume!

Me looking really ridiculous as casual!Loki because it's three in the morning and wow that hairstyle is not flattering on my face!

When we arrived at the theater - earlier than anyone else really wanted to be there, but half the fun of midnight showings is the lineup okay - there were only two other people in line. And one of them was my friend Cat from highschool! To give you a sense of Cat's personality, my most cherished memory of her is the time we had to physically restrain her to stop her from leaping over the table to strangle the asshole who had been shouting homophobic slurs at us. She's the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded, she's passionate about social justice, she's friendly and quirky and she really, really good with a sewing machine. Case in point:

That's Cat there on the left; on the right is her friend Thrace, who I THINK I've met before, but didn't really know very well. So we all sat down on the floor together and proceeded to have a four-hour NERDFEST. It was intense! Cat and Thrace know about 16x more about comic books than I do, and I was the next most knowledgeable person in the group, so the rest of us were kind of scrambling to keep up. I am not ashamed to say I did a certain about of bluffing my ass off, but I am not ashamed of this because it kept them talking and Cat and Thrace are very interesting people to listen to. (Thank-you, Ariella, for teaching me so much about comics by osmosis.)

It took an hour and a half for the guys behind us to join in the conversation; it took about three hours for one of them to tell Cat how attractive he found her. FRANKLY THIS TOOK LONGER THAN I HAD EXPECTED. Cat was very gracious about it. The weirdest part for me was that the comment came immediately on the tail of a loud and enthusiastic discussion about sexual orientation, during which Cat very openly and frankly discussed her past relationships with woman. Which does not necessarily mean anything in the grand scheme of things, of course, but it did seem like an odd choice of timing.

Suffice to say that by the time the movie started, we were all buzzing with emergy and READY TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD.

I'm sure at this point it will shock none of your to hear that the movie was REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. Ohgod. I was TERRIFIED, because a movie this big seems almost BOUND to go terribly wrong in some way, and I was scared for Joss Whedon and the future of the franchise and MY BABIES. But it didn't go terribly wrong! INSTEAD IT WAS WONDERFUL! I don't really have a lot of coherent thoughts yet, just infinite feels, but here's some initial reactions:

- COULSON IS NOT DEAD. In the same way that I have accepted the Darwin-later-reassembles-himself headcanon so thoroughly that I now believe it actually canonically happens, it took me all of thirty seconds to accept into my heart Coulson-was-succesfully-revived-but-Fury-lied-because-of-machinations headcanon. JEBUS. I heard a rumour that someone was going to kick it, but I was kind of hoping it would be Maria Hill. Not because I have anything against her, just because I hadn't had a chance to emotionally bond with her in past franchise movies. In hindsight I should have expected Coulson to go down - fan favourite, non-canonical, Joss Whedon film - but I was still shrieking (softly, out of respect for fellow movie-goers) and clawing at my face when it actually happened.

-BLACK WIDOW PLEASE BEAR MY CHILDREN. Oh, my god. I LOVE what this movie did with her character. Every time I thought she might be slipping into helpless-female role, it turned out that it was ALL A COVER FOR HER INCREDIBLE BADASSERY. And the way she and Hawkeye interacted made me SO HAPPY. I loved their bantery, affectionate-yet-professional relationship. And, oh my god, "You and I remember Budapest very differently." *flails*

- Hulk. HULK. I don't think I can say anything about Hulk that everyone else hasn't already said about Hulk, but suffice to say even thought the re-casting really annoyed me when it was first announced I REALLY CAN'T REGRET IT. The whole theater fell silent when
he talked about putting a bullet into his own mouth... and then "the other guy spat it out." It's been a long time since I saw a suicide attempted handled in a movie in a way that didn't make me want to claw my eyes out. It was something about how matter-of-fact he was about it. How matter-of-fact he was about everything; how he was calm and a little amused by everything because he HAD to be and ARGH, it was just SUCH A GREAT PERFORMANCE!

- TONY. TONY AND HOW HE INTERACTS WITH EVERYONE ELSE AND ALSO HIS ENDLESS SNARK, AND ALSO TONY/PEPPER. OHGOD PEPPER. I just - look, I am pretty much all aboard the goodship Tony/Steve+Pepper/Natasha, but those two are SO CUTE and I love their banter and how she takes none of his shit and how she's on a first name basis with Coulson AND SHE GIVES TONY ~HOMEWORK~ AND ARGH ARGH ARGH I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELS ABOUT THE TWO OF THEM OKAY? OKAY.

- LOKI. Oh, Loki, baby! He's definitely a LOT more evil than in the last film - he dropped off a cliff somewhere in his personal mental journey, and sanity as a rapidly disappearing dot in the distance now - but it all feels so REAL and PLAUSIBLE still, and Hiddleston delivers his performance in a such a way that even when he's batshit crazy and trying to kill everyone we love I STILL just want to hug him for chrissakes. *wibbles* And the way he a Thor interact - ohgod, you know THOR just wants to hug him too, and there's a real sense of how keenly Thor feel that this is all just spinning out of control too fast for him, and things went wrong somewhere and now he's just playing catchup, trying desperately to fix things between him and Loki before they can't be fixed any more and of my gosh it's just so bloody TRAGIC - !


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