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The Squee and Fandoms of Madelle SentientCitizen

Done into English from the lady's own manuscript.

21 December
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  • sentientcitizen@livejournal.com
Heyla! I'm SentientCitizen, also known as SC or Essie. This is my fandom journal, where I ramble, rant, and post my fic. I'm polyfannish and addicted to crossovers, and have a tendency to alternate between weeks of radio silence, and weeks with multiple posts per day. I'm a terrible icon magpie, so if I've inadvertently stolen or misattributed something, give me a heads up and I'll fix it ASAP. :)

Click here for the masterlist of my fannish works.

In real life, I'm an undergrad student majoring in Medieval history and minoring in religious studies, with an inadvertent focus on Judaism and Anabaptism. In real real life, I spend my summers and weekends doing misc awesome stuff as the low gal on the totem pole at a variety of local museums. I'm a cisgendered bisexual ladyperson in a happy homoromantic asexual relationship with my best friend of the past decade, which has left me with an enthusiastic albeit amateur passion for issues of gender/sex/sexuality.